Is there anything more important for a disaster-afflicted community than to receive aid in the wake of a catastrophe that robbed its victims of all they once owned? These are people who have had their entire lives turned upside down! Often they will have had their clothes, food, water, and cooking utensils swept away, their homes flattened, and may have lost loved ones.


Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and no one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, anyone caught in its path will probably suffer and will not be able to recover without real help. The first priority is always to save life and rescue those in harm's way. The next priority is to provide medical care for those in need. The final priority is to deliver aid so that the remainder of the population can survive.

Humanitarian Operations is a first responder, disaster relief agency. Earthy Peak have joined forces with HOPE to develop next generation technology that can make major improvements to the way relief aid is distributed. Fire has also joined forces with HOPE to raise money to fund a global concert for the child victims of disaster.


  • Help Victims

    Natural disasters often occur suddenly leaving the victims who enjoyed normality and safety, destitute and in despair. It is so hard for people to imagine what it is like to have you normal life shattered in an instant. People are often left in shock incapable of fending for themselves. The normal fabric of society disappears in an instant.

    Humanitarian Operations (HOPE) has been committed to helping victims at disaster sites since 2004. We don't treat the victims as strangers, they become members of our family. What we would do for a member of our family we will do for them and most importantly for children that have been left alone. This is not a job for us, it's not a hobby, it's our duty as members of humanity. It's impossible to explain how it feels to hand a homeless, starving victim, the lifeline of food and water or clothing. We wish we could as your generosity is the reason we can give it!

    When you buy an Earthy Peak beanie you help provide clothes for the victims at disaster sites, and proceeds from the sales of the brand’s products will fund the relief efforts of Humanitarian Operations to support the victims. Together we can give victims of disaster a brighter tomorrow, with HOPE you can start today!

  • Concerts by Kids

    The biggest victims of natural disasters are invariably the little ones. Imagine 2 little children, one is 3 and the other just over 1. Life is wonderful growing up in a village, protected by their parents who love them. Suddenly the ground starts to shake. Things start falling and smashing. The shaking gets violent. The two children are grabbed by their parents and taken outside. The sound is deafening and scary. The children are placed outside on the floor away from the buildings. Their father runs back inside to get something. He is struck by a piece of masonry, just inside and in plain view. He can be seen falling down and doesn't move. Their mother runs to help their father. She gets to his side to wake him up. The whole building collapses. Their mother disappears in a cloud of dust and rubble.


    When HOPE responders arrived at the disaster, they found two children sitting next to 2 dead bodies, with no one to care for them. What fate lay ahead of them if no first responders arrived that day. These two children suffered trauma beyond anything most of us will ever have to deal with.

    Fire is working with HOPE to fund a relief concert. It's not like Live Aid. It's different. The concert is not about celebrities, it's about the child victims who become heroes and beacons of HOPE.

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