Education for All

Isn't education without discrimination a basic human right? Education plays a key role in the reduction of poverty and child labour, while promoting democracy, development, and economic growth in impoverished communities around the globe. Despite its clear benefits, education still comes at a price in much of the world, and its access is often limited by race or gender.  


Gust Garms has chosen to support the development of the HOPE free educational app, designed to teach every child worldwide to read and type for free. 


This app aims to eradicate education inequality by using cutting edge AR technology to make games educational and interactive. It is designed to help children develop social skills by learning to play together regardless of physical conditions or social background. In this way, education will finally be fun, inclusive, and a basic right for all children.

When you buy a Gust Garms beanie, you help teach children to read and type.

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