Save the Mountain gorillas

Over the years, the Mountain gorilla has become more and more endangered due to uncontrolled hunting, disease, habitat loss, and human conflict including the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Today there are less than 1,000 Mountain gorillas in the wild. Humans are the ones responsible for pushing the Mountain gorilla out of the wild and into extinction. Coronavirus is also deeply worrying as they are at risk from human diseases, such as flu and pneumonia.


They need the chance to recover in the wild and enjoy their own lives free from human influence. It is our fault they face extinction, so it's our responsibility to save them.


To help save these relatives of ours, HOPE has launched the Save the Mountain Gorillas campaign with reka wear. When you buy a reka wear Mountain gorilla Beanie, money will be donated to projects and charitable organisations working to preserve and protect the Mountain gorilla.


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today! Thank you for being a part of our beautiful dream!

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