Humanity may be evolving but how long does it have to take to do the right thing? The HOPE Board of Directors (Youth) is made up of 12 children between the ages of 8 and 18. Children's answers are always honest and come from a place of innocence. 


The children didn't understand the concept of communities of minorities that stick together and support each other. Their view is that we should all stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, interested and proud of our human diversity.  


The children believe that people shouldn't have labels but smile with pride. We watch them in the HOPE offices. They don't see skin colour, they don't identify people by their religion or nationality, they don't care about a person's sexual orientation, they preach and act with tolerance. Our London office is like the United Nations, all working together for good in harmony. We watch the world around us in dismay! 


We have volunteers from all walks of life – including different nationalities, religions, sexualities, and ethnicities – collaborating and working in harmony with each other to make the world a better and more harmonious place. At HOPE, Israelis and Palestinians work together on projects designed to teach Russian and Ukrainian children safety in dangerous situations. We have Russians and Ukrainians working together on programs teaching racial tolerance in English, targeted at the U.S. market.  


We let the children lead the way. We listen to what they teach us. We learn to live in their world. And it's beautiful. This is the way the world should be! The children have ambitious plans on how to take their example and spread it. Philippa, who created La Fleche, loved what the children have done and wants to fund their approach to spreading 'The Love'. 


Together we can make the world a more tolerant place, with the children of HOPE, we have already started and they are inviting you to join them today!


  • Stop Discrimination

    Have you ever heard of the Golden Rule? It is to “treat others as we would want others to treat us.” Mutual dignity is a crucial factor in avoiding disagreement and conflict. How can we learn to trust each other if we prejudge each other? How can we live in peace and harmony if we don't trust or are open to liking groups of people that seem different superficially? Our world is made up of individuals, there is good and bad in every group. Tolerance and acceptance should be applied to everyone regardless of skin colour, gender identity, nationality or sexual orientation.   


    Throughout history, groups of people have been targeted because they are different. The world is progressing as a whole but it is all too easy for individuals who may group together to insight hatred of a group. We want to live in a world where; racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, ageism and nationalist prejudice are attitudes that we read about in history, questioning how the world was ever that barbaric.  


    Where is the love? So many of the great people in history have come from minorities and experienced discrimination. Extreme examples, are easy to see. Hitler discriminated and killed millions of women and children in the process. He wasn't alone! Many heard his words and followed his lead. On the other hand, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, sought to end oppression and it is impossible to argue they were wrong.


    Who do we all seek to be like? Are we looking for a world where we live in peace and harmony, which means we have to learn to be tolerant and accept each other superficially? Or are we afraid of each other and seek to live in a world of oppression and division, which often comes from pre-judgement? 


    HOPE is developing teaching programs for children to teach tolerance and acceptance in every form possible. Many of the programs are targeted at children and the way HOPE works, encouraging diversity and understanding could be an example for adults to follow. The proceeds from sales of La Fleche products help fund the HOPE campaign of acceptance. Thank you for being part of the global community of humanity.

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