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Gust Garms brings the skater fashion from Venice Beach, California to you. We aim to bring the skating culture of learning through community to educate disadvantaged children everywhere.

Skating Towards Education For All!

Skater style has never been bigger, and with Gust Garms, HOPE is bringing authentic skateboarding fashion from Venice Beach, California direct to your door.

Our range features the graphic, garish designs skateboarders are known for, and we can guarantee that you’ll both fit in and stand out! 

Education is key to sustainable development in every kind of community, improving overall quality of life and offering the chance of a successful future. An estimated 57 million children don’t attend school and over 100 million youths worldwide lack basic literacy skills, most of them female.



Freddie Art honed his own skating skills in the bowls and ramps of the Venice Boardwalk, and founded Gust Garms to give the gift of learning-through-community to children all over the world.    


By tapping into a community-centered culture in which skateboarders want to see each other succeed, Gust Garms promotes our Child Directors’ vision of education for all. Turning their dream into reality, the Board’s 12 children designed a free education app to help others learn to read and type and, most importantly, do so as part of a community – just like skaters do.  


Proceeds from Gust Garms sales fund the development and growth of our free education app, as well as expanding our reach and impact. Through this app, HOPE is tackling education inequality across the globe. 


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!

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