Help the Homeless

The fact that anyone is forced to spend all day begging on the streets depending on the benevolence of strangers to survive is a testament to our collective failure to protect those in need. How many people ignore and walk past someone living on the streets? Do we ever ask ourselves what events led to them being in that situation?


Someone who is homeless probably has very few possessions, their clothing may have been worn for a long time. Imagine how difficult the journey is from homeless to what we see as normality. 


Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and the best we can do for someone  who’s suffering is to put ourselves in their position and work out what we would like to be offered to help.


There are so many reasons that a person becomes homeless and it is our duty as humanity to help. That’s why each time you buy a beanie from Golden wear, we give a new beanie to a homeless person, so when you clothe yourself, you clothe the homeless.

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