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Giovanna Kaka’s vogue, Italian range helps fund cosmetic surgery for children born with genetic disorders like cleft palette. No one should have their book judged by its cover when the real beauty shines from within.

Giving all children the chance to have a happy life

Giovanna Kaka’s vogue Italian range was born to deliver life-changing surgery, and with it hope for a brighter future, to children born with genetic disorders like cleft palate.


No book should be judged by its cover. And no child should be judged by their natural appearance. But sadly, they invariably are. 


Are you shocked to know that some 7.9 million infants each year are born with serious birth defects?  


The causes of over 50% of birth defects are unknown, which means it's impossible to diagnose and prevent them. The availability of life-changing surgery after birth is, therefore, absolutely indispensable. 


The eponymous designer Giovanna lives in Milan, Italy – home to the world-famous Milan Fashion Week. Living in this environment, she knows how important one’s physical image invariably is to people.  


HOPE’s child directors and Giovanna, all feel extremely grateful they didn’t lose this lottery of birth. Any one of us easily could have. The lives of babies born with genetic imperfections are set to be drastically more difficult and unfair – if they don’t receive the surgery they want – than it ever possibly could be for those born without serious disorders. 


Indeed, if we are so worried about looking bad when we have a photo taken or posted on social media, can you imagine how much courage it must take to show yourself in public places when you have an impairment that people can’t help but stare at and focus on, and which becomes the introduction to who you are? 


HOPE puts the proceeds of every Giovanna Kaka product towards medical clinics that provide free surgeries to kids born with genetic imperfections.  

Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!


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