Bears for Child Patients

Being alone during a difficult time is something we can all understand, but for children enduring extended hospital stays this feeling becomes all they know.  


When parents cannot be with their ailing children due to work schedules or other time constraints, we at HOPE want to extend a hand where otherwise there would be none. Our Bear for Child Patients initiative partners with Stud Wear to provide a teddy bear for children alone in hospitals around the world. This furry friend will come to life using AR technology to offer comfort, hug, educate and entertain a child when they need it most. 


We understand that doctors and nurses offer crucial companionship during these difficult times, but we also recognize that medical staff can’t always be there when a child feels lonely. A constant companion by their side can help these children feel less alone and give them a friend of their own to confide in.   


Stud Wear raises funds to give an amazing friend to child patients. Proceeds from the sale of these products will be committed to providing a HOPE bear to every child patient in a hospital bed.


The paediatric hospitals where HOPE is giving teddies to comfort child patients are: 

*The Wycombe Hospital

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