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Stud Wear brings you classic, English-prep style clothing with a heart. Our clothing helps children enduring extended hospital stays feel less alone by providing them support and companionship.

A Teddy For Every Sick Child

Stud Wear puts the heart into classic English preppy clothing by following the great British tradition of universal access to quality healthcare.


By providing interactive teddy bears for children who are all experiencing extended hospital stays, HOPE helps these children to feel less alone during a particularly scary time. 


In 2019 the NHS recorded over 150,000 admissions of children with chronic health conditions to its hospitals, and despite the access to quality care in the UK, a child is not meant to spend their formative years so isolated. 


Stud Wear’s amazing designer Jenni Taylor knows personally how big a difference having a companion at a child's hospital bedside can be. She spent much of her own childhood in hospital, and has dedicated her brand to providing the kind of comforting companions she would have wanted to affected children everywhere. 


This is also a personal cause for HOPE’s Youth Board of Directors, as two of the directors have experienced lengthy hospital stays themselves. While the doctors and nurses on the ward were truly supportive, the children couldn’t hide how difficult it was to be away from their families and often still felt isolated and alone. 


By teaming up with Jenni, HOPE is providing teddies that come to life and respond to each child’s individual needs in order to entertain and teach them, all while providing much needed comfort at the most difficult of times. 


With every Stud Wear purchase, you are contributing to a teddy for a child stuck alone in a hospital bed.


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!


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