Save the Sea turtles


Over the last two centuries, human activity has threatened the survival of Sea turtles – and they’ve been around since the dinosaurs so we must be doing something really wrong. Indeed, they continue to be slaughtered for their meat, skin, and shells. And, their eggs are stolen from beaches for their economic value by illegal traders and smugglers before they can hatch. Moreover, habitat destruction and accidental capture in fishing gear, climate change, and pollution are also posing serious threats to their survival.


Sea turtles are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems, so protecting them is vital. For instance, they help maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs which in turn benefit commercially valuable species, such as shrimp and tuna. Measures such as protecting Sea turtles’ habitats, minimising climate change impacts, and addressing illegal trade can contribute to preserving them, and subsequently the wider web of marine ecosystems.


HOPE is helping these beautiful creatures with our Save The Sea Turtles campaign by reka wear. Collaborating with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society UK, HOPE donates proceeds from each turtle beanie sold to fund our Sea turtle campaign. This will help them buy the gadgets and technology needed for operations such as Operation Nymba and the Turtle Defence Campaign. We love turtles and we love Sea Shepherd for saving them, so please join in because we're not too late yet.


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today! Thank you for being a part of our beautiful dream!

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