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When you buy an animal-themed beanie from reka wear, you are making a donation to support endangered and mistreated animals through habitat preservation and other environmental efforts.

Preserving Habitats, Protecting Endangered Species 

Beat the cold while defending vulnerable animals with a stylish beanie from reka wear.


From mountain gorillas to tigers, from whales to hammerhead sharks, each of our beanies features an original illustration of the wild’s most amazing endangered animals.    


Our beanies do more than provide a smart solution to winter weather, they support organisations all over the world dedicated to preserving the most vulnerable endangered species through habitat conservation, veterinary care, population monitoring, and many other methods.  


Named after founder Yuri Nator’s rescued pet rabbit Reka, this brand is invested in restoring wild animals’ natural habitats so that they not only survive, but thrive.    


When the 12 children who make up HOPE’s Board of Directors (Youth) started to understand the extent to which certain species face extinction, they quickly set themselves on making a positive impact. 


They identified 10 wild animals under threat and resolved to channel their efforts towards protecting them. They are determined to ensure that these majestic animals don’t vanish from our planet, leaving future generations with only videos and pictures of these incredible creatures.   


Proceeds from reka wear products provide funding for each animal’s relevant conservation organisation.

Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!

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