Stop Child Slavery

All children have the right to a life that provides them with safety, security, health care, the chance to play, develop social skills, and a time to laugh and smile. However, approximately 10 million children worldwide are deprived of a normal childhood and forced into child-labour, sexual exploitation, or abject poverty.   


Children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are especially susceptible to child slavery, as they can be more easily intimidated and manipulated into believing these working conditions are their only option for survival. They are far less likely to demand fair wages or safe working conditions, as these are labour rights they don’t even know they have.   


Such exploitation sent a particular shiver down the spines of our HOPE Board of Directors (Youth), because they realised these things are happening to kids their age and younger. They want all children to have an innocent, happy, and unexploited childhood like they have. So, they’ve decided that HOPE should join forces with the New York fashion brand Bad Apple to participate in eradicating something that no child should suffer from. Proceeds from the sale of Bad Apple products will help fund the fight to eradicate the gross injustices of child enslavement and sexual abuse. 


Every child should have the right to a childhood, together we can build a better tomorrow, with HOPE we can start today.

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