We were all children once, and for many of us it was an innocent and playful time. But for some kids their childhood is sadly cavernously weirder than it is wonderful. For far too many, their childhood is filled with periods of vulnerability, exploitation, and isolation. 


Children depend on adults for protection, for education, for food and water, for clothes and warmth, for happiness, for a home, and (more importantly than anything else) for love! Every baby born into this big inhospitable world deserves the chance in life we seek for our own children. The HOPE Board of Directors (Youth) want to help children and have chosen 4 causes to champion:


* When a child is alone in hospital, shouldn't they have a teddy bear to be at their side?  


* How can children be sold or taken and subjected to abuse or be forced to work? When this happens, where are the heroes like those on 9/11, who will risk everything to save them?  


* Shouldn't every child have the opportunity to learn for free?  


* When a child is born with a physical defect that could be corrected with cosmetic surgery, shouldn't this be done to spare them a life of shame? 


12 children are asking you to join them on their quest to help solve these issues and make the world a better place. 


Together we can give all children – no matter how disadvantaged their background – the HOPE they need to find joy in life!


  • Bears for Child Patients

    Being alone during a difficult time is something we can all understand, but for children enduring extended hospital stays this feeling becomes all they know.  


    When parents cannot be with their ailing children due to work schedules or other time constraints, we at HOPE want to extend a hand where otherwise there would be none. Our Bear for Child Patients initiative partners with Stud Wear to provide a teddy bear for children alone in hospitals around the world. This furry friend will come to life using AR technology to offer comfort, hug, educate and entertain a child when they need it most. 


    We understand that doctors and nurses offer crucial companionship during these difficult times, but we also recognize that medical staff can’t always be there when a child feels lonely. A constant companion by their side can help these children feel less alone and give them a friend of their own to confide in.   


    Stud Wear raises funds to give an amazing friend to child patients. Proceeds from the sale of these products will be committed to providing a HOPE bear to every child patient in a hospital bed.


    The paediatric hospitals where HOPE is giving teddies to comfort child patients are: 

    *The Wycombe Hospital

  • Surgery to End Child...

    Many people don't like having their photo taken. No one should ever be judged by their appearance, however, children with genetic deformities face judgement that can follow them for the rest of their lives. Superficial differences are nothing to be ashamed of, but unfortunately, the world judges books by their covers and makes it more difficult for a child’s inner beauty to shine through.   


    HOPE has partnered with Giovanna Kaka to help fund reconstructive paediatric surgery for children affected by genetic disorders such as cleft palate. Paediatric plastic surgery focusing on the reconstructive and aesthetic improvement of a child’s appearance is a surgical subspecialty used to restore functionality and improve the quality of life for children with anomalies. 

    Proceeds from the sale of Giovanna Kaka products will help Fresh Start Surgical Gifts deliver priceless cosmetic surgery to children with genetic imperfections. Thus, enabling these kids to have the equal start in life they deserve, and enjoy the rest of their lives without being misunderstood by their appearance.

  • Education for All

    Isn't education without discrimination a basic human right? Education plays a key role in the reduction of poverty and child labour, while promoting democracy, development, and economic growth in impoverished communities around the globe. Despite its clear benefits, education still comes at a price in much of the world, and its access is often limited by race or gender.  


    Gust Garms has chosen to support the development of the HOPE free educational app, designed to teach every child worldwide to read and type for free. 


    This app aims to eradicate education inequality by using cutting edge AR technology to make games educational and interactive. It is designed to help children develop social skills by learning to play together regardless of physical conditions or social background. In this way, education will finally be fun, inclusive, and a basic right for all children.

    When you buy a Gust Garms beanie, you help teach children to read and type.

  • Stop Child Slavery

    All children have the right to a life that provides them with safety, security, health care, the chance to play, develop social skills, and a time to laugh and smile. However, approximately 10 million children worldwide are deprived of a normal childhood and forced into child-labour, sexual exploitation, or abject poverty.   


    Children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are especially susceptible to child slavery, as they can be more easily intimidated and manipulated into believing these working conditions are their only option for survival. They are far less likely to demand fair wages or safe working conditions, as these are labour rights they don’t even know they have.   


    Such exploitation sent a particular shiver down the spines of our HOPE Board of Directors (Youth), because they realised these things are happening to kids their age and younger. They want all children to have an innocent, happy, and unexploited childhood like they have. So, they’ve decided that HOPE should join forces with the New York fashion brand Bad Apple to participate in eradicating something that no child should suffer from. Proceeds from the sale of Bad Apple products will help fund the fight to eradicate the gross injustices of child enslavement and sexual abuse. 


    Every child should have the right to a childhood, together we can build a better tomorrow, with HOPE we can start today.

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