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La Fleche’s chic, continental range supports social equality for all minorities. It’s time to stop talking about egalitarianism and time to start delivering it. Everyone should be free to be their true selves.

We want people to be comfortable in their own skin – and our flamboyant clothes!

John Lennon once said “Imagine all the people, livin’ life in peace”. But why do we have to “imagine” peace? Why can’t we make amity and goodwill between “all the people” a reality?  


The child directors at HOPE are determined to achieve the egalitarianism that has proved so difficult for previous generations to achieve. They don’t want to live in a toxic world of hate and animosity – and minorities certainly don’t want to either! In their History lessons at school, HOPE’s child directors have learnt about how destructive social intolerance towards minorities was in the 20th century. Now they’re more determined than ever to ensure that humanity never self-destructs like that again.  


If only more adults thought with the same tolerance that the children do. Luckily, kids like the HOPE child directors are the future. But let’s not leave a broken world for them to inherit from us. Why don’t we help try and make the world a better place for all minorities and social groups? We still have time to make the world we pass down to our kids better than the one we inherited from our parents; but we are quickly running out of time. 


To make their ambitions of social equality a reality, the HOPE child directors have teamed up with La Fleche designer Philippa. Together, they’ve created some really wonderful and colourful beanies that stand for a more equal world. The proceeds from sales of La Fleche products help fund the HOPE campaign of acceptance. Thank you for being part of the global community of humanity.


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!


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