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Fire is a premium clubwear range empowering everyone to thrive, not just survive. By raising money for concerts that benefit children impacted by disaster, we can make the most disenfranchised shine on stage.

Get Fired Up, Fuel Disaster Relief 

Fire is a premium clubwear range inspired by the vibrancy of Berlin’s always-on club scene. 


What do you get when you combine Fire’s musical roots and HOPE’s disaster relief efforts? A series of benefit concerts like no other! We want to give children affected by disaster the chance to shine onstage. 


Every year 175 million children globally are expected to be affected by natural disasters, and Save The Children estimates that 175 million more will be affected by weather related disasters connected to climate change over the next decade. 



By starting Fire, Samuel Hit targeted his commitment to disaster relief at the most vulnerable. Children are often left helpless in the aftermath of a disaster, and encouraging their creative spirits while rebuilding a community is what Fire is all about. 


Seeing how communities today are affected by natural and climate disasters offered the HOPE Youth Board of Directors perspective on how the world will have to change in order to handle this volatile future. They chose to partner with Fire in order to give children like themselves something to believe in during the aftermath of a natural disaster. 


By hosting events in affected communities, we not only let children become the stars of the show, but also rebuild the community by providing infrastructure and resources. And you can help too, as every piece of Fire clothing contributes to our efforts to host these incredible concerts.


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today!

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