HOPE 5D Ltd supports the work of our charity, Humanitarian Operations (HOPE). Driven by the ideas and innovations of 12 incredibly enthusiastic child directors between the ages of 8 and 17, HOPE’s responsibilities include: delivering disaster relief, helping the homeless, protecting endangered animals and ecosystems, battling against social inequality, and educating disadvantaged children across the world.  


More than anything, the child directors want to create a happier world and foster positive change for everyone. The global banking firm Goldman Sachs admired their passion and determination so much that they even offered to lend their help – free of charge! 


To achieve their goals, our child directors have teamed up with designer Graham Ross to collaborate with 10 fashion brands, all of which will donate clothing and profits to different causes. It’s up to you to decide which causes you want to support and which styles you want to flaunt! We’ve got clothes and causes for everybody!


Each brand, style, cause, and why the kids chose them include:





Why the kids chose it 

Bad Apple 

New York street style 

Stopping child slavery and child sex abuse 

Some of our child directors, as Americans, want to honour the brave heroism of New York firefighters on 9/11 by protecting victims of other terrible tribulations 

Earthy Peak 

Outdoor and Winter clothing 

Disaster relief operations 

Most of our child directors have actually personally delivered disaster relief, so they know better than most how vital this aid is to victims who’ve lost everything 

Eclipse Surfwear 

Take a guess from the brand name!  

To clean up the seas and coastlines to save marine life 

Growing up in the Bahamas (to deliver disaster relief) most of our child directors realise how crucial a healthy marine ecosystem is – they also love turtles! 


Clubwear style 

To support kids isolated by natural disasters 

Having met too many kids who’d lost their families in natural disasters, our child directors witnessed this indescribable misery and want to help however they can 

Giovanna Kaka 

Vogue Italian style 

Funding surgery for kids born with genetic disorders 

Some of our child directors know how it feels to be bullied; they don’t want anyone to be unfairly judged, especially not by how they look 

Golden Wear 

Sustainable casual clothing that fights against fast fashion  

Helping homeless people live better 

The kids simply can’t comprehend how and why anyone is homeless and ignored in a wealthy country like Britain, they think it’s completely unforgivable 

Gust Garms 

Los Angeles skater style 

To educate poor and disadvantaged kids worldwide for free 

A couple of our child directors love skateboarding, in the skating spirit they want to help others by sharing knowledge freely  

La Fleche 

Flamboyant and out there! 

To tackle social inequality 

As kids, our child directors can’t imagine not acting naturally as the person they are; they think it’s awful some people feel the need to hide their true selves 

Reka Wear 

Animal themed clothing 

Protecting endangered and exploited animals 

The kids all love animals and they seriously don’t want any more species to become extinct, like all the ones they never got the chance to see  

Stud Wear 

Classic English preppy style 

Preventing child isolation and loneliness in hospitals 

Two of our child directors have spent long solitary periods in pediatric wards; they still remember how depressing and lonely it was – now they believe they have the perfect solution! 


On behalf of all the child directors here at HOPE we want to personally say a tremendously humongous “THANK YOU!!!” to you for taking the time to understand our many missions, and helping us in trying to make the world a happier place for all.