Concerts by Kids

The biggest victims of natural disasters are invariably the little ones. Imagine 2 little children, one is 3 and the other just over 1. Life is wonderful growing up in a village, protected by their parents who love them. Suddenly the ground starts to shake. Things start falling and smashing. The shaking gets violent. The two children are grabbed by their parents and taken outside. The sound is deafening and scary. The children are placed outside on the floor away from the buildings. Their father runs back inside to get something. He is struck by a piece of masonry, just inside and in plain view. He can be seen falling down and doesn't move. Their mother runs to help their father. She gets to his side to wake him up. The whole building collapses. Their mother disappears in a cloud of dust and rubble.


When HOPE responders arrived at the disaster, they found two children sitting next to 2 dead bodies, with no one to care for them. What fate lay ahead of them if no first responders arrived that day. These two children suffered trauma beyond anything most of us will ever have to deal with.

Fire is working with HOPE to fund a relief concert. It's not like Live Aid. It's different. The concert is not about celebrities, it's about the child victims who become heroes and beacons of HOPE.

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