Save the Hammerheads

Accidental and commercially targeted entrapment both pose a significant threat to the survival of Hammerhead Sharks. They are easily caught up in giant fishing nets meant for tuna fisheries. Meanwhile, Hammerhead Sharks are similarly threatened by the global shark fin trade as their large fins, neat hides, and liver oil are highly prized. 


Sharks are apex predators in the marine environment, they play a crucial role in maintaining healthy and well-balanced marine ecosystems. They ensure the diversity of their prey species by preventing any one from becoming over populated. They also help keep a lid on apex predator numbers as they compete for prey instead of having free roam. And they even help prevent algae overgrowth that advances the decline of coral reefs. 


HOPE is taking action with reka wear to help save Hammerhead Sharks by donating money from the sale of each Hammerhead Shark Beanie to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society UK. They will use this donation to fund vital equipment and technology for their projects, such as Apex Harmony – Timor Leste 2017.

Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today! Thank you for being a part of our beautiful dream!

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