Save the Black-footed ferrets

Imagine a world without Black-footed ferrets! On two whole separate occasions we humans have had to contemplate this. That’s because this species was twice tragically believed to have gone extinct!! 


Teetering this close to becoming history has caused innumerous problems for the dissipating species. But the Black-footed ferret is desperately struggling to triumph over catastrophe – and your help could make their lives a little bit less of a struggle!


This is not an easy battle at all. Habitat loss and non-native diseases continue to threaten their recovery, and considering they are entirely dependent on prairie dogs for food and shelter, appropriate reintroduction sites are not easy to find.  


HOPE wants to help ensure the Black-footed ferret’s survival. Through the Save the Black-footed ferret campaign via reka wear, we are donating proceeds from campaign products to Prairie Wildlife Research. This donation will fund important equipment and technology for their projects, like Reintroduction, Monitoring, and Translocation which works to preserve the Black-footed Ferret and its natural habitat. 


Together we can change tomorrow, but with HOPE we can start today! Thank you for being a part of our beautiful dream!

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