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Our 12 Child Directors decided that there are just too many vulnerable communities and worthwhile causes around the world to only choose one - so they decided to support nineteen! Whether it's protecting Black-Footed ferrets from extinction or battling social injustice, we believe it is our duty to help everyone we can! 

To achieve HOPE's mission, our Child Directors have teamed up with designer Graham Ross to create 10 fun fashion brands, all of which will donate clothing and profits to different causes. It's up to you which causes you want to support and which styles you want to flaunt - we've got clothes and causes for everybody!

Below is each brand, style, cause and why our 12 Child Directors chose them:

Brand Style Cause Why?
Bad Apple New York street style Ending child slavery Our Child Directors want to protect victims of the slave trade - especially after learning that 27% of all human trafficking victims are children just like them.
Earthy Peak Outdoor/winter clothing Disaster relief operations Most of our Child Directors have personally experienced natural disasters, so they know how vital aid is for the victims.
Eclipse Surfwear Bohemian surf-inspired fashion To clean marine pollution  Some of our Child Directors have grown up in the Bahamas, so they realise how crucial a healthy marine ecosystem is - they also love turtles!
Fire Clubwear style To fund a concert starring child victims of natural disasters

After a natural disaster, humanitarian aid provides the essentials to victims. We want to take it one step further, and give the most vulnerable victims of natural disasters - children - the chance to regain their spark. 

Giovanna Kaka Italian vogue style Funding surgery for children born with birth defects

Familiar with the usual insecurities that come with growing up, our Child Directors understand that having birth defects can be an additional strain on a child's self-image. We want to make reconstructive surgeries accessible to those who will benefit.

Golden Wear Sustainable/slow fashion for everyday wear Improving the lives of the homeless Having witnessed the growth of the homeless population in Britain, our Child Directors are actively trying to help by providing warmth and clothing.
Gust Garms Los Angeles skater style To make education accessible worldwide  Some of our Child Directors have a passion for skating. In the spirit of skate culture, they want to create accessible education for everyone by sharing knowledge freely.
La Fleche Flamboyant  To tackle social inequality  Our Child Directors believe everyone should be their true selves regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, age or class.
Reka Wear Animal-themed clothing Protecting endangered and exploited animals  Our board of Child Directors love animals - they don't want any more species to become extinct. They hope they can make a difference so that future generations of children will be able to share the same love of animals they have.
Stud Wear Classic English preppy style Preventing child isolation and loneliness in hospitals  Two of our Child Directors have spent long solitary periods in pediatric wards. They remember how lonely it was - now they believe they have the perfect solution!



    We all depend on wildlife to survive. It’s crucial for a healthy and sustainable planet.   


    The more species of plants and animals there are, the greater everyone’s potential resistance is to diseases. Surely that’s important for our own survival? Indeed, diseases would spread faster and more efficaciously if there were fewer organisms to battle against them.   


    But that’s just the start of it. So much vital medicine comes from wildlife – like plants, herbs and spices. Medicines like morphine, penicillin and aspirin are all derived from plants. Today, researchers still look to nature to find cures for cruel debilitating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.   


    Wildlife is also a cultural lifeblood to so many. Some species are even considered sacred. Today, for example, pandas are an important national symbol of China; and roses are a traditional English emblem which the England rugby team proudly display on their shirts. So, how important do YOU think wildlife is and what are you doing to save it for your children and theirs to follow?


    We were all children once, and for many of us it was an innocent and playful time. But for some kids their childhood is sadly cavernously weirder than it is wonderful. For far too many, their childhood is filled with periods of vulnerability, exploitation, and isolation. 


    Children depend on adults for protection, for education, for food and water, for clothes and warmth, for happiness, for a home, and (more importantly than anything else) for love! Every baby born into this big inhospitable world deserves the chance in life we seek for our own children. The HOPE Board of Directors (Youth) want to help children and have chosen 4 causes to champion:


    * When a child is alone in hospital, shouldn't they have a teddy bear to be at their side?  


    * How can children be sold or taken and subjected to abuse or be forced to work? When this happens, where are the heroes like those on 9/11, who will risk everything to save them?  


    * Shouldn't every child have the opportunity to learn for free?  


    * When a child is born with a physical defect that could be corrected with cosmetic surgery, shouldn't this be done to spare them a life of shame? 


    12 children are asking you to join them on their quest to help solve these issues and make the world a better place. 


    Together we can give all children – no matter how disadvantaged their background – the HOPE they need to find joy in life!


    Is there anything more important for a disaster-afflicted community than to receive aid in the wake of a catastrophe that robbed its victims of all they once owned? These are people who have had their entire lives turned upside down! Often they will have had their clothes, food, water, and cooking utensils swept away, their homes flattened, and may have lost loved ones.


    Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time, and no one ever thinks it will happen to them until it does. When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, anyone caught in its path will probably suffer and will not be able to recover without real help. The first priority is always to save life and rescue those in harm's way. The next priority is to provide medical care for those in need. The final priority is to deliver aid so that the remainder of the population can survive.

    Humanitarian Operations is a first responder, disaster relief agency. Earthy Peak have joined forces with HOPE to develop next generation technology that can make major improvements to the way relief aid is distributed. Fire has also joined forces with HOPE to raise money to fund a global concert for the child victims of disaster.


    Humans possess great power. The industrial revolution, our urban development, and the digital age are all testaments to that. We could use our talent to create social prosperity for all. Does there really have to be a society of winners and losers? Could we not be creative enough to develop a society of winners?


    We can start with baby-steps. We could at least notice people suffering. There comes a time in one’s life when we all must make a decision: will we fight for a society we can be proud of? Will we do something to make the world a better place? What do you say?


    Humanity may be evolving but how long does it have to take to do the right thing? The HOPE Board of Directors (Youth) is made up of 12 children between the ages of 8 and 18. Children's answers are always honest and come from a place of innocence. 


    The children didn't understand the concept of communities of minorities that stick together and support each other. Their view is that we should all stand shoulder to shoulder with each other, interested and proud of our human diversity.  


    The children believe that people shouldn't have labels but smile with pride. We watch them in the HOPE offices. They don't see skin colour, they don't identify people by their religion or nationality, they don't care about a person's sexual orientation, they preach and act with tolerance. Our London office is like the United Nations, all working together for good in harmony. We watch the world around us in dismay! 


    We have volunteers from all walks of life – including different nationalities, religions, sexualities, and ethnicities – collaborating and working in harmony with each other to make the world a better and more harmonious place. At HOPE, Israelis and Palestinians work together on projects designed to teach Russian and Ukrainian children safety in dangerous situations. We have Russians and Ukrainians working together on programs teaching racial tolerance in English, targeted at the U.S. market.  


    We let the children lead the way. We listen to what they teach us. We learn to live in their world. And it's beautiful. This is the way the world should be! The children have ambitious plans on how to take their example and spread it. Philippa, who created La Fleche, loved what the children have done and wants to fund their approach to spreading 'The Love'. 


    Together we can make the world a more tolerant place, with the children of HOPE, we have already started and they are inviting you to join them today!

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