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If we believe that children are the future, then it's time to let them lead the way and show us all the beauty they possess inside. HOPE is a children's organisation run by kids who have set out to bring positive change to our world. They believe that companies should exist to benefit humanity and not just to profit from it.  


So, when you buy a product on the HOPE 5D website you are contributing to positive change. You can choose how you want to help. You may want to: support a social cause, protect vulnerable wildlife, help humanity, or show care for a child cause. Whichever one you want we have you covered!


  • Charitable Causes

    Our 12 Child Directors decided that there are just too many vulnerable communities and worthwhile causes around the world to only choose one - so they decided to support nineteen! Whether it's protecting Black-Footed ferrets from extinction or battling social injustice, we believe it is our duty to help everyone we can! 

    To achieve HOPE's mission, our Child Directors have teamed up with designer Graham Ross to create 10 fun fashion brands, all of which will donate clothing and profits to different causes. It's up to you which causes you want to support and which styles you want to flaunt - we've got clothes and causes for everybody!

    Below is each brand, style, cause and why our 12 Child Directors chose them:

    Brand Style Cause Why?
    Bad Apple New York street style Ending child slavery Our Child Directors want to protect victims of the slave trade - especially after learning that 27% of all human trafficking victims are children just like them.
    Earthy Peak Outdoor/winter clothing Disaster relief operations Most of our Child Directors have personally experienced natural disasters, so they know how vital aid is for the victims.
    Eclipse Surfwear Bohemian surf-inspired fashion To clean marine pollution  Some of our Child Directors have grown up in the Bahamas, so they realise how crucial a healthy marine ecosystem is - they also love turtles!
    Fire Clubwear style To fund a concert starring child victims of natural disasters

    After a natural disaster, humanitarian aid provides the essentials to victims. We want to take it one step further, and give the most vulnerable victims of natural disasters - children - the chance to regain their spark. 

    Giovanna Kaka Italian vogue style Funding surgery for children born with birth defects

    Familiar with the usual insecurities that come with growing up, our Child Directors understand that having birth defects can be an additional strain on a child's self-image. We want to make reconstructive surgeries accessible to those who will benefit.

    Golden Wear Sustainable/slow fashion for everyday wear Improving the lives of the homeless Having witnessed the growth of the homeless population in Britain, our Child Directors are actively trying to help by providing warmth and clothing.
    Gust Garms Los Angeles skater style To make education accessible worldwide  Some of our Child Directors have a passion for skating. In the spirit of skate culture, they want to create accessible education for everyone by sharing knowledge freely.
    La Fleche Flamboyant  To tackle social inequality  Our Child Directors believe everyone should be their true selves regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, age or class.
    Reka Wear Animal-themed clothing Protecting endangered and exploited animals  Our board of Child Directors love animals - they don't want any more species to become extinct. They hope they can make a difference so that future generations of children will be able to share the same love of animals they have.
    Stud Wear Classic English preppy style Preventing child isolation and loneliness in hospitals  Two of our Child Directors have spent long solitary periods in pediatric wards. They remember how lonely it was - now they believe they have the perfect solution!

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